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Website Designs
Media Designs

At Edgy Web Designs & Consulting Services we create engaging and user friendly websites.  While we can code we specialize in building websites by using and customizing templates from companies like Wix, Squarespace, etc..


The benefits of building websites using templates are:  

  • We can customize every website we create where it is unique to the client

  • Faster creation rather than building sites from scratch using code thereby being more cost effective for you

  • We can change Websites or add more content more quickly

  • We can rebuild your website at any point if you want a completely new look or update

  • We can add E-Commerce to your website so you can start generating income

  • We can help you register your web hosting and domain, set up your email, create your Paypal and Stripe accounts, social media integration, etc.

Technical Training & Business Consulting Services

If you want to learn about technology and software we offer the following training:

Training -

  • Social Media - how to create accounts (like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram).  These accounts can be linked from your Website for easy access for your visitors

  • LinkedIn - how to build an account and promote yourself or business

  • How to create a Blog page and add entries

  • How to use iMovie to create videos

  • And much more, just ask us...

Business Consulting -

Starting a business is a huge undertaking.  We can guide you with:

  • The basics of a what you'll need to start a business

  • Marketing ideas, plans and content creation

  • Printing - create great quality content at low costs 

Multi Media Design options include:

  • Promotional or Marketing Flyers, business card and post card designs

  • Podcasts with audio voice & music options

  • Learning Content - articles with or without photos, written website content

  • Basic photography and photo editing

  • Short video clips 

  • Book Cover Designs & book layouts

  • Content in English and Spanish

  • And more... just ask...


When it comes to costs, Edgy offers flexibility and scalability.  

You can add the services you need now and more services as you grow.  

Our goal is to create attractive and professional content for your business or personal brand to encourage your customers to select your services!

We offer  -

  • Websites - add as many pages as needed a la carte.  Websites can start small and grow based on your needs.

  • Web, domain and email set up

  • Website Designs & Updates using templates, set up and add E-Commerce
  • Marketing, Media, Learning & General Content Creation - articles, long text, photography, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Spanish Translations 
  • Social Media Creation & Website Integration 

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