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Website Designs

Project - Website Design with E-Commerce
Company: 9010 FIT
Industry: Nutrition & Fitness
Weight Loss, Wellness & Body Sculpting (
*Used a Squarespace Template to build the site.
Special Features: The website is in English & Spanish with a Landing Page to select either language. Once you select the language you go to the Home Page and can still open the top Menu for Spanish & English.  It also has E-Commerce. 
Edgy Web Designs created the Website, the Logo, took a lot of the photos & built the Social Media Accounts: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 
Project - Internal Department Website for a company
Company: Cisco
Industry: IT
I worked for this company. I built this internal website using Dreamweaver & HTML. 

*I received an award for this site.  The "new site design" is on the left (my site) and the original internal site is on the right.  Major improvement - modern & clean!

Special Features: The website has E-Learning content and videos created by internal employees.  This internal website was accessible to all employees globally, 80,000+.

The goal was to create a self service site where employees could learn how to create Learning Content for their teams and also learn how to run training classes.
Project - Internal Department Website for a company
Company: NDS
Industry: Software
I worked for this company and built this internal website with IT using Sharepoint.
Special Features: The website has learning content (internal videos) and login in access to E-Learning content created by external vendors.  This internal website was accessible to all employees globally.
It also has an Onboarding Page for new and existing employees as it applies to their role and needs.  Plus, it has a calendar of events, class schedules, news and announcements.
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